When I went to the supermarket in Wanda Square with my husband at the weekend, I found a fresh ingredient. It looks like white gourd, but it’s not white gourd. I saw it for the first time. The price was cheap. Out of curiosity, she put one in the shopping cart. Later, my aunt asked me what it was. I said it was hairy white gourd. She asked me to wait because there were few buyers. She didn’t remember the bar code. She had to look for it. Baidu went home and found that the ugly melon has rich nutritional value and the effect of clearing heat and detoxification. It is very suitable for summer consumption.


Half hairy white gourd
30g minced meat
40g peanut oil
2 g salt
15g raw extract
1 tablespoon chili sauce


Step 1
Worried that everyone didn't know it, I took a picture specially. This is Mao wax gourd. It's not big. It's just right to eat two meals of a melon.

Step 2
Cut half a white gourd, peel and flesh it, wash and cut into small pieces.

Step 3
Prepare minced meat. You can keep what you don't have.

Step 4
In an oil pan, add minced meat and stir fry until it changes color.

Step 5
Leave the oil in the bottom of the pot, fry the white gourd for a while, pour in half a bowl of water and simmer for about 3 minutes.

Step 6
Add minced meat and mix. Sprinkle salt and stir well.

Step 7
Add the old Ganma chili sauce, pour in the raw soy sauce, stir well, and then serve out of the pot.