Today, the children saw the picture of braised pork on my mobile phone and asked me to cook braised pork at noon, but it rained so heavily that they really didn’t want to go out to buy vegetables. Look at the little white gourd in the corner. I want to burn the white gourd and see if I can muddle through. Ha ha! In the morning, I opened a can of Douchi dace noodles, and there was still some left. I made it into small pieces and burned it with white gourd. It was really delicious and more fragrant than meat. The children kept eating one by one, and the meal was very fast. It would be on CD-ROM in a while. Now let’s share the detailed practices with you. My favorite friends, try it quickly!


500g white gourd
30g black bean dace
40g peanut oil
1g salt
10g raw soy sauce
10g oyster sauce


Step 1
First peel and pulp the white gourd, wash and cut into small pieces.

Step 2
Break the dace in black bean sauce into small pieces. No Douchi dace can be replaced with other chili sauce.

Step 3
In an oil pan, stir fry white gourd until the surface is yellowish, sprinkle salt and stir well. Wax gourd can't absorb oil. When burning wax gourd, you can put less oil to avoid waste. Both Douchi dace and raw soy sauce are salty. Put less salt to avoid being too salty and affecting health.

Step 4
Pour in oyster sauce and stir well.

Step 5
Add black bean sauce and dace, stir fry well, pour in an appropriate amount of water and cook for about five minutes.

Step 6
Pour in the soy sauce and stir well. After collecting the dry soup, you can enjoy it out of the pot. Finally, the free smoking can make the white gourd more attractive in color and delicious in taste.