White gourd is a seasonal vegetable in summer. It is difficult to shine with its faint taste, except for a seafood practice. Try another Gan style today.


500g white gourd
50g Bacon
40 g oil
A small amount of salt
150 g water
A small amount of Laoganma chili sauce
15g raw extract


Step 1
Half a circle of white gourd.

Step 2
Remove the green skin from the surface. Leave white gourd meat.

Step 3
Cut white gourd into small pieces.

Step 4
Cut the bacon into small diced meat.

Step 5
Pour oil into the pot. Put the bacon in the pot and fry it a little.

Step 6
Fry white gourd until the surface is yellowish.

Step 7
Pour in an appropriate amount of water and cook for about 15 minutes.

Step 8
Put salt, soy sauce and Laoganma chili sauce in the pot and stir well.

Step 9
Cook for about ten minutes. Just collect the juice.

Step 10
Out of the pot.

Step 11
Sprinkle with scallions.