White gourd was sent by my aunt. When she sent it to my house, my eyes opened wide. How should I eat a super big winter.. ha-ha.. In fact, white gourd meat can be boiled in soup, fried vegetables, or pickled with sugar to make preserved fruit. The fresh white gourd meat has sufficient water and refreshing taste!


500g white gourd
2 teaspoons raw soy sauce
2 tsp oyster sauce
2 g salt
1 onion
2 slices of ginger
3 teaspoons edible oil
1 garlic
Proper amount of water
A little rock sugar


Step 1
2 teaspoons

Step 2
Wash white gourd, peel and pulp

Step 3
Cut the white gourd into small pieces

Step 4
In a hot oil pan, stir fry ginger, onion and garlic until fragrant

Step 5
Add white gourd and stir fry

Step 6
Add a little salt and rock sugar to taste

Step 7
Add soy sauce and oyster sauce to taste, stir fry evenly

Step 8
Add a small amount of water, stir fry evenly, and cook until the white gourd is soft and rotten