Braised white gourd, a vegetable dish often made by our family in summer, makes white gourd feel like braised meat, which is more liked by meat loving sons. It’s very hot in summer. White gourd is the best food for relieving summer heat and diuresis. I also spent a lot of time in order to let my son eat more.


300g white gourd
A little rock sugar
2 bulks
Proper soy sauce
A little chicken essence
A little salt


Step 1
Peel the white gourd, remove the pulp, cut large pieces, and then draw a flower knife on the skin (don't cut it, just half the position)

Step 2
Put the skin down into the frying pan and fry over medium low heat until slightly yellow

Step 3
Turn over, continue to fry the four sides slightly as much as possible, and then add rock sugar and large ingredients

Step 4
After the rock sugar dissolves, add an appropriate amount of water, soy sauce and salt

Step 5
After boiling, turn to medium low heat and simmer until cooked. Finally, add some chicken essence and pour some sesame oil