Shaomai, this kind of food, when I was a child, I felt really happy. The soft glutinous food had the smell of dried tea, mushrooms and diced meat, which lasted for a long time. Finally did it yourself.


180g flour
45g Chengfen
15g oil
135g boiled water
50g carrot
4 mushrooms
3 pieces of dried tea
200g glutinous rice
180g lean meat
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon soy sauce
A little cooking wine
A little sugar
A little oil
A little raw flour
Proper amount of water


Step 1
Some of the required filling materials are ready

Step 2
Soak glutinous rice overnight in advance

Step 3
Steam in a pot (about half an hour)

Step 4
Wash mushrooms (add some starch in the water to wash easily)

Step 5
Wash, peel and dice carrots

Step 6
Dry cleaning and diced tea

Step 7
Mushrooms are also diced

Step 8
Dice pork and marinate with a little cooking wine and cornflour for a while

Step 9
Heat the oil in the pot, add diced meat, stir fry until it changes color, add raw and old soy sauce, and stir well

Step 10
Add chopped mushrooms and stir fry

Step 11
Add diced carrots and stir fry. Season with a little salt and sugar

Step 12
Add dried tea and stir well

Step 13
Add the steamed rice and stir well (add water as appropriate, and the rice should not be too wet)

Step 14
Prepare flour and boiling water

Step 15
Stir while adding, knead it into a ball after warming, add oil and knead it smooth

Step 16
Divided into small dosage (about 15g)

Step 17
Roll the skin, roll the edges, and wrap the stuffing

Step 18
Close the mouth, boil the water in the steamer and put it in

Step 19
Fire for 10 minutes