I’m too lazy these days. I’m always making do with cooking and eating. Both husband and daughter proposed that they didn’t want to make do with it. I said who doesn’t want to do it? When it was time to cook, my husband saw that I was still tapping the keyboard on the computer and knew that the cooking was over. He hurried to take a big basin and a big bowl. I took a sneak look and dug a big bowl of rice. I hurried to say less. I couldn’t eat that big bowl of rice in a day. But I was tossed by the rice made by my husband once, I made a large electric rice cooker full of rice. As a result, the family didn’t eat it all day. Finally, they had to pour it out. Alas, men cook unreliable, especially men who don’t cook often. Soon came the symphony of pots and pans. My husband was cooking. Almost an hour later, I only heard my husband calling my daughter and your mother for dinner. I was lazy and successful this time. My husband actually cooked and the dishes were brought up in a basin by my husband. My daughter and I were stunned. A basin of cabbage and vermicelli meat. My daughter and I didn’t talk when we looked at it. My husband didn’t say anything, Hei hei smiled a few times and said that the cabbage looked like a small piece and the noodles grabbed a handful. The result was a big basin. Today, we all eat more vegetables and eat less. In order to let us eat more vegetables, my husband gave me and my daughter an empty bowl and eat vegetables. This is the most frequently said sentence by my husband at the dinner table. My daughter and I really didn’t eat rice, but only eat vegetables, Looking at the rice in the electric rice cooker, I have to worry again. I have to eat leftover rice tomorrow!!! In order to eat the leftover rice, I had to make this bean curd spareribs to eliminate the leftover rice! Fermented bean curd is fermented in the production process, resulting in a large number of oligopeptides. It has a variety of physiological health care functions such as anti-aging, anti-cancer, reducing blood lipid and regulating insulin, which is beneficial to health. “


50g fermented bean curd
600g spare ribs
Appropriate amount of vegetable oil
Proper amount of salt
10g ginger
1 octagonal
2G rock sugar
1 nutmeg


Step 1
Main ingredients: fermented bean curd, ribs, auxiliary ingredients: vegetable oil, salt, ginger, soy sauce, rock sugar, star anise, pepper granules, cinnamon, nutmeg

Step 2
Wash the ribs and cut them into pieces

Step 3
Boil in cold water and remove

Step 4
Ginger slices

Step 5
Mash the fermented bean curd with a spoon, and then add some rotten milk to mix well

Step 6
Braised spare ribs with cold oil in hot pot

Step 7
Stir fry seasoned wine and soy sauce and color evenly

Step 8
Add star anise, prickly ash, cinnamon and nutmeg to stir fry until fragrant

Step 9
Add water, rock sugar and fermented bean curd juice and bring to a boil

Step 10
Turn to low heat for about 40 minutes and cook the ribs thoroughly

Step 11
Turn the fire to collect the juice