Radish and cabbage are safe, and shrimp meat tastes delicious and nutritious.


150g green radish
100g shrimp meat
200g dumpling powder
Proper amount of hot water
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
A little white pepper
1 tablespoon salt
A little raw


Step 1
Put the flour (dumpling powder and wheat core powder) into the basin, dig a pit in the middle, pour a small amount of hot water one by one, mix it into snowflakes with chopsticks, knead it into a ball, and cover the noodles for 10 minutes.

Step 2
Wash the radish and rub it into filaments.

Step 3
Boil the shredded radish in hot water until it is seven or eight mature, remove the supercooled water and squeeze out the water. I am used to blanching the radish, which can remove the peculiar smell of the radish. In addition, it also makes the radish easier to cook, so that the shrimp meat is not cooked, and the radish is still raw.

Step 4
Chop up the shrimp

Step 5
Mix the carrot and shrimp meat with vegetable oil, salt, soy sauce and white pepper. I only used the most basic seasoning, not wine, because the shrimp meat is very fresh and sweet, there is no fishy smell, and there is no need to add wine.

Step 6
Knead the dough into long strips, cut the dosage and press flat.

Step 7
Roll the preparations into thin slices, scoop a little stuffing in the middle of the dough, hold the bottom of the dough with your left hand, pinch the folds with your right hand, rotate slowly, and press the stuffing inward with your left thumb. Fold the edge of the patch evenly with the thumb and index finger of the right hand, and compact it below the edge with the remaining fingers. The less stuffing, the bigger and more scattered the petals; The more stuffing, the tighter the pattern, which can be adjusted according to personal preferences.

Step 8
After finishing, sort out the shape a little. It's like a flower. The roasted wheat is not sealed, so that the steam can enter the stuffing more easily and ripen more easily. Boil in cold water and steam for about 6-8 minutes. Because the radish has been boiled, the water is half cooked, and the shrimp meat is also well cooked.