A scallion braised sea cucumber with thick juice and strong flavor must be the final dish of new year’s Eve dinner!


Three sea cucumbers
8 pieces of scallion
15g cooking wine
10g oyster sauce
8 g Sugar
15g soy sauce
A little salt
A little pepper
A little chicken essence
20G peanut oil


Step 1
Prepare sea cucumber (according to the number of people)

Step 2
Prepare the scallion, just the white part.

Step 3
Put 20g oil into the pot, put 5 sections of scallion white into the pot, and slowly bake the scallion oil over low heat until the scallion is soft and brown, then take out the blackened scallion and throw it away.

Step 4
Leave the scallion oil in the pot, add 3 sections of new scallion, and continue to fry the scallion in low heat. This time, fry the scallion until it's scorched. Don't fry the scallion black. Put the scallion on the plate.

Step 5
Keep the scallion oil in the pot. Put oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar, cooking wine, pepper, chicken essence and water in the pot to boil.

Step 6
Put the sea cucumber into the pot and cook for 3 minutes. Remove.

Step 7
Put the sea cucumber and scallion on the plate, and add a little green vegetables on the side. Pour the soup in the pot over the sea cucumber and finish