White radish is cool in nature and sweet in taste. It has the effects of clearing heat and generating fluid, wide and medium lower Qi, appetizing and strengthening the spleen, SHUNQI and resolving phlegm. White radish is rich in vitamin C and trace elements, which can help the body enhance immunity. White radish has the functions of increasing appetite, helping digestion, relieving cough and resolving phlegm, removing dryness and generating body fluid, and anti-virus. Children and the elderly with weak physique in winter are easy to catch a cold. At this time, eating more white radishes is of great benefit to the body.


1 white radish
40 g oil
2 g salt
15g raw extract
5g oyster sauce
1 octagonal
1 cinnamon
1 chive
1 tablespoon Laoganma chili sauce


Step 1
Food preparation

Step 2
Peel the white radish, wash and cut into pieces

Step 3
Wash scallions and cut scallions

Step 4
Heat the oil pan, add star anise cinnamon and stir fry until fragrant

Step 5
Add radish and fry until the surface is yellowish

Step 6
Sprinkle salt and stir well

Step 7
Pour in oyster sauce and stir well

Step 8
Pour in water and simmer for five or six minutes

Step 9
Add Laoganma chili sauce and stir well

Step 10
Pour in soy sauce and stir well

Step 11
Sprinkle with scallions

Step 12
Cook for another minute and you can get out of the pot