On the way home every day, I can smell the fragrance of braised prawns all over the city. This is a complete challenge to my determination to lose weight. I can’t help but turn into the vegetable market and buy the largest one in five minutes. Hehe, share the method with you


2 kg lobster
1 can of beer
A whole garlic
A piece of ginger
3 shallots
3 parsley
Proper amount of salt
10g rock sugar
A small bowl of bottom material
3 teaspoons raw soy sauce
2 teaspoons chicken powder
3 teaspoons cooking wine
Proper amount of brine
2 mushrooms
A teaspoon of sesame
A section of scallion
5 teaspoons red oil


Step 1
Prepare a garlic peel

Step 2
Soak lobster in seasoned wine for an hour

Step 3
Brine and mushroom preparation

Step 4
Scallion cut

Step 5
Remove the shrimp clip

Step 6
Remove head and tendon

Step 7
Brush them one by one

Step 8
Diced ginger

Step 9
Peeled garlic

Step 10
Soak the spices in boiling water for about 15 minutes

Step 11
Prepare the bottom material (brine water). If not, it is OK to use the hot pot bottom material

Step 12
Sit oil in the pot

Step 13
Add ginger, garlic, pepper, scallion and red oil

Step 14
Fried incense

Step 15
Pour into the pot and stir fry

Step 16
Pour in cooking wine, soy sauce and chicken powder

Step 17
Pour in the soaked spices

Step 18
Stir fry the bottom of the shrimp evenly

Step 19
Pour in beer and rock sugar

Step 20
Sprinkle with scallions

Step 21
Cover and cook for 10 minutes, add a little salt and cook

Step 22
Put shallots and coriander into the basin to make a base

Step 23
Put it into the basin

Step 24
Sprinkle sesame, shallot and coriander (I didn't put it this time because it was too late to buy it)