It’s very simple. Let’s try it quickly.


500g shrimp
5g salt
10g scallion
10g ginger
10g cooking wine
10g sugar
5g vegetable oil


Step 1
First look at the raw materials and get the red oil by physical methods: wash the shrimp and cut off the shrimp whiskers; Shrimp feet; Pick out the shrimp line. No ketchup when cooking; Braised soy sauce, but cut off half of the shrimp head and shrimp eyes to ensure that the shrimp oil can flow out naturally during cooking

Step 2
Stew out the red oil by physical method: put a little vegetable oil into the pot, explode the chives and ginger, pour in the prawns, and immediately cover a very small pot cover to increase the pressure in the pot and press out the red oil

Step 3
Stew the red oil physically: it can be seen from the glass cover that the shrimp starts to turn red for about 1 minute. Remove the cover and turn it over for the prawns. Only add salt and cooking wine, and the cover continues to stew

Step 4
About 3-5 minutes, when the red oil completely exudes, you can remove the cover, put the shrimp on the plate, and don't use onion and ginger

Step 5
Leave the red oil in the pot for standby. Add white sugar to the remaining soup in the pot, boil it over low heat to make it viscous, and pour it on the prawns