The essence of braised prawns is shrimp oil. The key to braised prawns is whether they can produce shrimp oil


6 prawns
1 tsp cooking wine
Proper amount of ginger
1 tablespoon sugar
Proper amount of salt
A small amount of water
Appropriate amount of white vinegar


Step 1
Prepare shrimp (the amount of shrimp depends on how much you have to do)

Step 2
Remove the shrimp gun and the part in front of the shrimp gun with a knife or scissors

Step 3
Cut the shrimp from the back. Note: (the cutting depth is appropriate)

Step 4
Shrimp line for removing shrimp

Step 5
Cross cut the tail of the shrimp with a knife to make it look more neat. Note: this step is optional. You can complete this step, and the plate will look better

Step 6
Cut ginger into shreds and put it in proper amount. Generally, ginger can be used for fragrance

Step 7
Heat up the oil in the pot. Note: the amount of oil is appropriate according to the amount of shrimp

Step 8
The oil temperature is 80% hot. Tips for adding ginger oil temperature: after cooking for a long time, you can feel the oil temperature with the temperature feeling of your hands. You can also see it with your eyes. When the oil temperature reaches 120%, there are small oil bubbles in the pot. When the oil temperature is 30% to 40%, the oil level fluctuates, but there is no oil fume. When the oil temperature is 50-60%, the oil level fluctuates frequently and smoke begins to appear. When it reaches 70% or 80%, there will be a large increase in oil fume, and when it reaches 90%, the oil fume will rise intensively.

Step 9
Add prawns and stir fry until the prawns change color. Gently press the head of the prawns to fully combine the shrimp paste with the oil to form shrimp oil (press with skill, preferably not to damage the integrity of the prawns)

Step 10
Add sugar, wine, salt and white vinegar (white vinegar is mainly used to make shrimp skin brittle) and a small amount of water for seasoning. The stewing time should not be too long

Step 11
Put the juice in the shrimp pan on a high fire. The juice becomes thicker. Add a small amount of edible oil and pour it on the shrimp. It's done