I’m tired of boiled shrimp. I’ll change my taste today.


500g prawns
20G scallion
30g water starch
10g sesame oil
1 tablespoon salt
Half a spoonful of chicken essence
Half a spoonful of perfume powder
100g vegetable oil
10g raw soy sauce


Step 1
Handle the shrimp well, remove the shrimp feet, shrimp intestines and sandbags, and clean them. Wait for the next pot.

Step 2
Cut onion and ginger and set aside.

Step 3
Oil in hot pot

Step 4
Sauteed onion and ginger

Step 5
When laying shrimp, turn one side red first, and then turn it over and put in the seasoning. Add a little more water, cover the pot and simmer for a while.