A very delicious seafood is a home style dish


15 prawns
300g leek
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon raw soy sauce
10g ginger
1 tbsp cooking wine
Appropriate amount of edible oil


Step 1
Wash, remove the shrimp line and dry the surface water with kitchen paper

Step 2
Wash and cut the leeks

Step 3
Heat the pan with a little oil

Step 4
Fry the shrimps until they are five mature, turn over and change color, pour cooking wine from the side of the pot, and put in the cut leeks.

Step 5
Turn it over for five or six seconds, add a tablespoon of white granulated sugar, stir well, and then add raw soy sauce (more for heavy taste).

Step 6
Stir fry well and let the leeks and shrimps wrap in the soup. Then put them on the plate. Those with heavy mouth can add a little salt to the money out of the pot.