When the big potato meets not Xiaomi Zha, but braised meat, it leaves not only laughter, but also the taste impact of each bite and the satisfaction of appetite!


300g streaky pork
Three potatoes
1 tbsp salad oil
Proper amount of salt
Appropriate amount of brown sugar
Moderate old smoke
Proper amount of ginger
3 octagons


Step 1
Peel the potatoes, wash and cut them into pieces. Fry them in a cold pot with cold oil until the surface is golden. Take them out and set aside.

Step 2
Cut the streaky pork into 2 cm cubes, put it into the pot and fry until the surface turns yellow. Take it out and set aside.

Step 3
Cut brown sugar into pieces, stir fry in oil to make sugar, and add ginger powder.

Step 4
Then put the potatoes and streaky pork in, add star anise, soy sauce and salt, add water and simmer until cooked and dry.