Buttoned meat is a common home dish. The “button” of buttoned meat refers to the process of turning the cooked meat upside down on the plate. Meicai is the most famous way of braised pork. There is a similar method in Sichuan cuisine, which is called salty roast white. Xianshaobai is one of the banquet dishes in Sichuan cuisine. Although there are high-end banquet dishes such as residence dishes, the more common ones are the three steamed and nine button dishes. In Sichuan, especially in rural areas, all weddings and funerals must have dozens of tables, which are called “jiudouwan”. In fact, they are banquets and flowing water banquets. For this kind of banquet with dozens of tables, stir frying is certainly not realistic, so steaming, frying and stewing is the right choice. The so-called three steamed nine button, three steamed refers to the steamed, powder steamed, dry steamed, steamed meat, salty white, sandwich sand meat is dry steamed representative dishes. It’s strange that in other areas it’s called button meat, while in Sichuan it’s a very unique name – xianshaobai. There is a saying that it is because in the past, when making a mat, it was to kill a pig, and every piece of meat was useful. Salty, white and sand meat were made of hard five flowers with more fat and less lean. The so-called white meat means fat meat, and white meat means white meat. It’s true that in the past, salty and white were all made of hard five flowers. Now we pay attention to health and health. We all use the medium five flowers with half fat and half thin, and even use the next five flowers. Health is very important, but food is always right with health, and I prefer to eat less than two pieces, but also use a little fat hard five flowers, for no other reason, just “moisten”.


250 grams of pork
80g rice sprouts
20 ml rapeseed oil
10 ml soy sauce
10 pieces of Douchi
10 Chinese prickly ash
1 pickled red pepper


Step 1
Soak red pepper, remove seeds and cut horse ear knot

Step 2
Scrape and wash pork, cook for about 25 minutes, wipe dry water vapor, while hot, put a layer of red soy sauce on pig skin

Step 3
Pour in rapeseed oil in a hot pot. Heat over medium heat until 70%. Add pork and deep fry pork skin until slightly battered

Step 4
Soak in warm water and scrape off the burnt skin. The skin is golden. Cut the meat into 10x3.3x0.5cm slices

Step 5
Put the sliced meat into a steaming bowl with the skin downward to form a "book" shape. Put red soy sauce, Douchi, Zanthoxylum, pickled red pepper in turn, and sprouts on top

Step 6
Steam over high heat in a steamer until soft and cooked (more than 45 minutes). Turn and buckle into plate when eating