Braised pork with Taro


400g taro
500g streaky pork
15g ginger
2G fragrant leaves
15g garlic
5g cinnamon
15g soy sauce
8g dried pepper
15g raw extract
5g star anise
3 g salt
30g rock sugar


Step 1
Pour streaky pork into the electric rice cooker, add ginger 15g, garlic 15g, soy sauce 15g, soy sauce 15g, salt 3G, rock sugar 30g, fragrant leaves 2G, cinnamon 5g, dry pepper 8g, star anise 5g

Step 2
Clean water 1000ml

Step 3
Stir to make it mixed evenly

Step 4
The electric rice cooker starts the first cooking mode

Step 5
Add taro and stir well

Step 6
The electric rice cooker turns on the cooking mode for the second time

Step 7