The traditional pork with taro is stewed with fresh pork. The taro is fried in oil pan and then steamed. I’m too lazy to make stewed meat. I use barbecued pork instead of taro. It’s just a pot of oil Stir fry is also very fragrant, the taste is also strong drop~~~


350 grams of taro
200g barbecued pork
1 piece of nanru
5g oyster sauce
8 ml soy sauce
3 G cooking wine
A little sesame oil
1 g Sugar
Three cloves of garlic
15 ml peanut oil
1 g pepper


Step 1
Peeled taro and barbecued pork

Step 2
Saute garlic in hot oil (add more oil)

Step 3
Lower taro and fan until both sides change color

Step 4
Pour all the seasoning into the dish and mix well (my milk broke when it came out of the bottle)

Step 5
Stir fry the taro evenly with seasoning

Step 6
Put the taro and barbecued pork into the dish

Step 7
Boil the Diced Pork and Taro in water and steam for 30 minutes

Step 8
Sprinkle with scallions before leaving the pot

Step 9
Circle the dish with vegetables