In today’s material rich world, unless you eat vegetarian food,


700g streaky pork
50ml camellia oil
A few slices of ginger
100ml cooking wine
7 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon soy sauce
2 tablespoons raw extract
2 tablespoons paste
1 tsp Monascus powder (red fermented bean curd)
3 pickled green plum


Step 1
Wash pork and cut into small cubes.

Step 2
Boil a pot of cold water, then put the meat into the water, boil it with the meat, turn off the fire, take out the meat and drain it for standby.

Step 3
In another pot, put oil, ginger and sugar in the pot. When the sugar is burnt yellow over the fire, pour in the meat and stir fry evenly. This step is to apply sugar.

Step 4
Then add cooking wine, old soy sauce, 1 tablespoon raw soy sauce, soy sauce paste and Monascus powder, stir fry until the color is uniform, and pour them all into the electric pressure cooker.

Step 5
Peel off the skin of salty green plum by hand and put it into the pot.

Step 6
Pour an appropriate amount of hot water into the pot, cover the electric pressure cooker, lock it, select the function option of "meat / chicken", and press the "start" key to start cooking braised meat.

Step 7
After the first procedure of electric pressure is completed, select the "meat / chicken" function option to continue cooking.

Step 8
When the program is completely finished again, open the lid of the pot, pour in 1 tablespoon of raw smoke, taste the taste, and add another spoonful of sugar if you like sweet. Turn and mix evenly, cover the pot, press the "harvest juice and taste" key to harvest the juice. After the degree is over, you can open the pot cover and put it on a plate for consumption.