A classic traditional dish – “braised pork with plum vegetables” (English Name: pork with salted vegetable, also known as salted boiled white, is a special traditional dish). This dish has its presence on many occasions, especially during the Chinese New Year. Because of its festive color and atmosphere, it means that it is booming, so it has become an indispensable classic dish on the new year’s Eve dinner table. It has bright red color, thick and delicious juice, soft and mellow meat, fat but not delicious Greasy, soft and rotten food; Plum vegetables suck up the soup in the meat, making it more fragrant and delicious. The strong meat aroma of streaky pork and the fragrance of plum dried vegetables are just right for each other. They smell fragrant and have a long aftertaste. They are very popular with everyone. How can we miss this delicious horizontal dish at the family banquet of the Spring Festival.


200g plum dried vegetables
500g pork streaky pork
2-stage scallion
5 slices of ginger
1 tablespoon rotten milk
2 tablespoons raw soy sauce
2 tablespoons soy sauce
1 tablespoon cooking wine
2 tablespoons sugar
2 shallots
Half spoon salt
30g edible oil


Step 1
Choose a good piece of pork with skin

Step 2
Put the whole piece of streaky pork into cold water, add two anise, boil and remove the blood foam. Add cooking wine and cook for another 15 minutes to fully remove the blood foam and fishy smell. Remove, rinse with hot water, cool and refrigerate for about half an hour, so as to change the knife and slice

Step 3
Soak dried plum vegetables in boiling water for 30 minutes, wash them several times and squeeze them dry

Step 4
Add rotten milk, raw soy sauce, soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar and salt into the bowl and mix well

Step 5
Cut the cooked streaky pork into pieces about 3mm thick

Step 6
Dip both sides of the sliced streaky pork into the juice and color it. Put the meat skin down neatly in a large bowl, and the rest of the juice for standby

Step 7
Cut ginger and scallion and set aside

Step 8
Heat the cooking oil in the oil pan, saute the onion and ginger, stir fry the drained dried plum vegetables, add the remaining juice dipped in the meat slices, and stir well

Step 9
Fill the whole bowl with fried plum dried vegetables

Step 10
Steam in an electric pressure cooker for 40 minutes and in an ordinary cooker for 2 hours

Step 11
After steaming, take out the big bowl, cover the plate, reverse it as quickly as possible, gently uncover the bowl, and the plum dish meat deduction is completed. Sprinkle some chives on the table.