Panasonic microwave oven: model nn-ds591mxpe


300g pork
50g Mei Cai
50g scallion
10 g ginger
20G garlic
10 ml soy sauce
5 ml of soy sauce
5g oyster sauce
10 grams of sugar
30 ml vegetable oil


Step 1
After soaking the dried vegetables, wash away the sediment and chop them up

Step 2
Chopped ginger, onion and garlic, put them into electric pressure cooker, stir fry with vegetable oil, add dried vegetables, add oyster sauce, sugar, soy sauce and soy sauce to taste

Step 3
Wash the streaky pork and put it into a pressure cooker. Blanch it. When the meat is cooked and discolored, remove it from the pan. Wipe the streaky pork well and put the soy sauce into the microwave oven for 5 minutes. Color and slice it

Step 4
Put the cut pork skin down in a bowl, add the fried dried plum vegetables, and put them in the microwave for 15 minutes