My family’s family dishes, I personally do delicious steamed pork with plum vegetables, through the oil of the meat, but not greasy, and the special flavor of plum vegetables complement each other, while hot soup poured on the rice, a bowl, hungry when the greatest enjoyment. Seemingly complex, but the actual operation is very simple, but also a big dish, especially suitable for paste autumn fat~~


250g pork (front hip tip)
1 bag of plum vegetables
Three star anise
10-20 ml soy sauce
10 ml old style soy sauce
1 tsp chicken powder
1 teaspoon sugar
10 ml cooking wine
Appropriate amount of water
1 shallot
1 coriander


Step 1
Treatment in advance: it is recommended to soak dried plum vegetables one night in advance. Some dried plum vegetables are particularly salty. In order to soak, it is better to soak them in advance to remove the extra salty taste

Step 2
Blanch the meat with boiling water, skim the foam and cook for about half an hour

Step 3
Treat the pork and fry the skin in a pan; Only fry the side of the pigskin. In order to remove the oil from the pigskin and tighten it, it is easy to operate after a while

Step 4
The skin of the meat is cut down slowly. It takes time and tests the technique. It looks good. The finished product is beautiful. But if it doesn't succeed, it doesn't matter. It just affects the appearance and doesn't affect the taste

Step 5
It's raw in the meat. It doesn't matter. I'll steam it later. Raw is normal

Step 6
Next, stack the sliced meat neatly in a basin, from left to right, and put the extra meat and unevenly cut meat on the top

Step 7
Pickled dried vegetables, wash several times, dried vegetables sand is very serious, if you do not wash, you will be embarrassed; After washing, remove the water and spread the dried vegetables on the fresh meat slices

Step 8
Take a container and pour in the soy sauce

Step 9
Pour in the soy sauce

Step 10
Put in chicken powder, sugar and cooking wine. I didn't put any more salt~

Step 11
Put the large ingredients on the dried plum vegetables, and pour the seasoning into the bowl of preserved plum vegetables, slowly and evenly

Step 12
Finally, dry and press the plum vegetables, the final state is not too wet, but a pressure can see that the soup is the best state, a pressure can let the seasoning mix evenly, after the adjustment, marinate for two hours

Step 13
Spread tin foil on both sides, don't compact, leave a little gap, put it into the pot and steam for one hour to one and a half hours; Tin foil is to prevent water vapor from entering the bowl. After steaming, you can see if the bowl is very wet. If not, remove the tin foil

Step 14
Steamed pork with preserved vegetables, open the lid and smell delicious

Step 15
The next step is to be careful ~ ~ ~ find a basin that is one circle larger than the bowl used in steaming, and buckle the basin upside down on the bowl. The basin should be a little deep, because there is a lot of water in the steaming dish. Turn it over quickly, don't hesitate, and be careful

Step 16
After flipping, the meat is on the top. If it is stacked neatly before steaming, the meat will be arranged beautifully after pouring out. Sprinkle with shallot or coriander to decorate