The most convenient meat dish in history, handle the raw materials and put them directly into the electric pressure cooker. The electric pressure cooker with stirring function will automatically fry the dishes. It’s so worry free that you don’t have to collect the juice, turn over and mix, and worry about pasting the pot. The soft potatoes are matched with the braised meat of q-bomb, and unconsciously eat a big bowl of rice!


300g streaky pork
150g potatoes
30g cooking wine
25g soy sauce
2 slices of ginger
20G rock sugar
2G pepper
1g star anise
30g soy sauce
Half root scallion


Step 1
Peel and cut the red potatoes, wash and set aside.

Step 2
Cut the pork into chunks and put it into a pot in cold water. Put pepper and star anise in the pot and cook until the water boils.

Step 3
Put the stirring sheet into the electric pressure cooker and put the streaky pork into the.

Step 4
Mix cooking wine, rock sugar, soy sauce and soy sauce into the inner container.

Step 5
Add ginger, ginger and garlic.

Step 6
Finally, put the potatoes on the top and sprinkle a little salt.

Step 7
Close the lid and select the meat 4 procedure. The cooking time is 20 minutes.