Fat but not greasy dishes, plum vegetables absorb the sauce of the meat, steamed meat is not so greasy, perfect combination, very delicious.


500g pork
A little dried vegetables
A little cooking oil
A little chicken powder
A little salt
A little sugar
A little scallion
A little ginger
A little garlic
A little prickly ash
A little big stuff
A little cooking wine
A little oyster sauce
A little old-fashioned


Step 1
Boiled the pork with water until about 7

Step 2
Color the pork skin with a layer of soy sauce

Step 3
The kitchen paper wipes off the excess sauce.

Step 4
Pork skin down, into the pot fried

Step 5
Soak the dried vegetables in advance. After cleaning, bake the dried vegetables for 3-5 minutes. Add a little sugar to help distribute the flavor of the dried vegetables.

Step 6
Slice the pork into 1cm slices

Step 7
Heat the pan, cool the oil, ginger, Chinese prickly ash, big sauce, garlic, put them into the pan to saute, and then take the material as long as the oil.

Step 8
Add scallion in the pot, then add pork and cooking wine.

Step 9
The meat is slightly yellow, add water, don't cover it with too much plum vegetables. Add oyster sauce, salt and chicken powder and cook for 10 minutes

Step 10
After 10 minutes, lay the pork skin down under the plate, spread dried plum vegetables on it, pour in the soup, and steam for 40 minutes

Step 11
After 40 minutes, pour the soup into the pot, pour the steamed plum dish meat into the prepared plate, thicken it with starch over low heat, and then pour the juice on the plum dish meat to finish.