There are many uses of plum dried vegetables, but the most classic is braised meat with plum dried vegetables. Shaoxing stewed pork with plum dried vegetables is one of the dishes used in previous state banquets and a local specialty representing Shaoxing. Plum dried vegetables release their own salty and fresh taste and absorb a large amount of oil in streaky pork. In this way, the dried vegetables are oily and the streaky pork is fat but not greasy. They take what they need and are suitable for each other.


400g streaky pork
20G plum dried vegetables
10g dried bamboo shoots


Step 1
Wash streaky pork and cut into small pieces for standby

Step 2
Wash the bamboo shoots and dried vegetables, soak them with water, take them out and squeeze them dry

Step 3
Pour oil into the frying pan, heat it, pour white granulated sugar, scatter it, pour streaky pork and stir fry until it changes color

Step 4
Take a container, first put a thin layer of dried plum vegetables, put a layer of meat slices, sprinkle with white granulated sugar, then put dried plum vegetables, and then put meat slices, put dried plum vegetables on the top layer, sprinkle with white granulated sugar, and finally cover it, put it in a steamer filled with water and steam slowly for 3 hours