The soft mushroom with a little toughness is rich in a variety of nutrients, and its unique flavor is also versatile. The dishes are already very delicious without cumbersome materials


150g mushroom (dry)
300g streaky pork
2 g salt
20G raw soy sauce
5 grams of soy sauce
7g rock sugar
1g edible oil
5g ginger


Step 1
Food map

Step 2
Wash mushrooms and soak them in hot water

Step 3
Boiled pork to remove fishiness

Step 4
Drain the streaky pork after blanching, soak the mushroom and drain the water, and leave the mushroom water for standby

Step 5
Pour some oil into another pot and add rock sugar.

Step 6
Stir fry rock sugar into brown sugar

Step 7
Stir fry pork and color it

Step 8
Pour in an appropriate amount of cooking wine and stir fry

Step 9
Add mushrooms

Step 10
Pour in a little soy sauce

Step 11
Pour in an appropriate amount of raw soy sauce

Step 12
Add ginger slices, pour in mushroom water, bring to a boil and stew over medium heat until soft

Step 13
The stewed mushrooms in Bawang supermarket are delicious