Braised pork with lettuce, Diced Pork, marinated with salt, soy sauce and chili powder, roasted in the oven until it is oily. With lettuce, it is fragrant and fresh. The delicious lettuce is served with braised meat, and it is more delicious to fry with pepper.


400g barbecue
1 red pepper
1 lettuce
2 g salt
2G monosodium glutamate
15g oil


Step 1
Roasted barbecue, lettuce, pepper

Step 2
First pour the meat into the hot oil pan

Step 3
Stir fry

Step 4
Discharge water

Step 5
Stew diced meat in glutinous sauce

Step 6
Juice collection

Step 7
Put in diced lettuce

Step 8
Put some salt properly to taste the lettuce

Step 9
Add chilli to make it spicy

Step 10
Finally sprinkle MSG

Step 11
Out of the pot