Braised pork with dried radish


500g pork
100g dried radish
Appropriate amount of salt
10 ml soy sauce
20G scallion
10g ginger
3 star anise
2G cinnamon
10g sugar


Step 1
Dry clean radish and soak it in warm water.

Step 2
Cut the pork into pieces.

Step 3
Heat up the oil and add the sugar.

Step 4
Stir fry over low heat to make sugar color.

Step 5
Put in the pork.

Step 6
Stir fry with sugar.

Step 7
Add scallion and ginger slices.

Step 8
Stir fry the flavor.

Step 9
Add soy sauce.

Step 10
Stir well.

Step 11
Add water and the rest of the seasoning. The fire is boiling.

Step 12
Cover and simmer for 30 minutes.

Step 13
Add dried radish.

Step 14
Stir well and simmer for another 30 minutes. Turn off the heat.

Step 15
It's a dish.