Every year, when chestnuts come down, we always buy a lot of peeled chestnuts and refrigerate them for next consumption. This dish is easy to cook. The combination of chestnut and streaky pork is classic. Chestnut is dry and fruity. When cooked with streaky pork, it tastes delicious.


800g streaky pork
500g chestnut
20G raw soy sauce
5g salt
6 grams of soy sauce
3 G pepper
3 g star anise
10g cooking wine
150g green vegetables
10g scallion
10g ginger
20G rock sugar
3 G cinnamon


Step 1
Cut pork into cubes, blanch in a boiling pot, and pour cooking wine into the water. After blanching, remove the control water

Step 2
Put the pot on the fire, pour in a little vegetable oil and melt it with rock sugar

Step 3
After the rock sugar dissolves, pour in the streaky pork with controlled water, stir fry it for a while, then pour in a little raw and a little old, and finally pour in boiling water. Burn slowly

Step 4
After firing pork for 50 minutes, pour in chestnut and stew together

Step 5
Chestnuts can't be cooked for a long time. Chestnuts will boil

Step 6
Blanch the small green vegetables in the water with salt and oil. After the pork is cooked, add the small green vegetables and green onions, and cook the soup together until it is appropriate