The home flavor is simple and delicious. The ready-made dishes at home are better to eat with braised vegetable melon!


500g pork
500g carrot
250g lettuce
10g ginger
Five garlic
10g watercress
10 grams old godmother
5ml soy sauce


Step 1
Prepare all kinds of ingredients, wash and cut them

Step 2
Bean paste is made by ourselves, so it's better than the outside

Step 3
First pour some oil into the pot, not too much, and then explode the fat meat

Step 4
When the fat is golden brown, pour in the lean meat and stir fry together

Step 5
Stir fry for two minutes and add ginger and garlic

Step 6
Add a spoonful of bean paste and a spoonful of old godmother. If it's spicy, put it more

Step 7
Add a little more soy sauce, just a little. It's black when it's more

Step 8
Stir fry for a few minutes and pour in carrots

Step 9
Stir fry the carrots

Step 10
Add 500ml of water and boiled water is the best

Step 11
After cooking for ten minutes, pour in the head of lettuce, because the carrots need to be cooked longer

Step 12
Boil for about 20 minutes, then open the fire and collect the juice. It's finished