Yuba, also known as rotten skin, is rich in protein. You can cook delicious and nutritious dishes with different ingredients. Together with braised meat, it not only tastes delicious after absorbing the gravy, but also neutralizes the greasy feeling of braised meat.


750g streaky pork
50g beancurd
50g raw soy sauce
20G rock sugar
20G soy sauce
A little scallion
10g ginger
25g cooking wine
2 star anise


Step 1
Prepare the seasoning and soak the dried beancurd petals with water

Step 2
Wash streaky pork and scrape off the oil on the epidermis with a knife

Step 3
Soak the soft beancurd and squeeze the water dry after washing

Step 4
The pork is boiled in cold water and picked up

Step 5
Rinse again after cutting

Step 6
Non stick pot, cold pot, add meat

Step 7
Add cooking wine after decocting the fragrance

Step 8
Add raw soy sauce and old soy sauce

Step 9
Add boiling water, the amount of water can almost submerge the ingredients, and then add rock sugar, star anise and ginger slices

Step 10
Cover and bring to a boil over high heat and turn to low heat for 40 minutes

Step 11
Then add dried beancurd and boil over high fire

Step 12
Turn to medium heat to collect the juice and turn off the heat to bring it out of the pot

Step 13
Put it in a bowl, sprinkle with scallions and serve