Braised Pork Trotter with Soya Sauce


500g pig feet
10g ginger
10g garlic
10g cooking wine
20G rock sugar
Proper amount of pepper
Right amount of star anise
Proper cinnamon
Appropriate amount of pepper
15g raw extract
10g soy sauce
2 g salt
3 G chicken essence


Step 1
Add cooking wine and ginger slices to pig feet and blanch them with water

Step 2
Stir fry the hot oil and rock sugar in the pot until brown. Pour in the pig's hoof and stir fry and color it

Step 3
Pour in ginger, garlic, pepper, star anise, cinnamon pepper and stir fry evenly

Step 4
Pour cooking wine, raw and old soy sauce, and add water without pig's feet

Step 5
Cover and simmer over low heat for an hour

Step 6
Pour in salt chicken essence and heat the juice out of the pot