Sweet potato meat slice is steamed Dongpo meat with sweet potato. It tastes soft, fat but not greasy, and rich in nutrition. Braised, steamed and stewed are delicious. It is characterized by fresh fragrance, mellow, oil but not greasy. The delicious Dongpo meat is finally out of the pot! Just look at the dishes, let me DC saliva, look! Here is yellow, there is black, and yellow inlaid with black, you can tell what is cut meat, what is oily meat. Swallow saliva, pick up a piece of meat, straight into the mouth, straight feel “cool”! I was attracted by one of the five flavors of Dongpo meat.


800g Dongpo meat
500g taro
2 g salt
Half a bowl of sauce


Step 1
Prepare Dongpo meat

Step 2
Sliced taro can be more fragrant with pastry, sliced Dongpo meat

Step 3
Mix some refined salt in the sauce

Step 4
Put the meat and chips in a bowl, one piece of taro and one piece of meat

Step 5
Drizzle with the mixture

Step 6
If you like to eat old Ganma, you can put some old Ganma

Step 7
Put it in the steamer

Step 8
Steam for more than 40 minutes

Step 9
Delicious pork with Taro