[introduction to dishes] it’s very simple to make a flower roll with noodles. However, this flower roll is not like a flower roll when it’s just made, but it tastes very like it. This wrapping method won’t leak stuffing and break skin.


Braised pork with dried plum and vegetables (refrigerated)
2 green pepper
2 eggs
2 tablespoons glutinous rice flour
500g flour
5 tablespoons sugar
5g yeast
1 tablespoon salt
Moderate warm water
Appropriate amount of Haitian oyster sauce
Proper raw extract
Appropriate amount of sesame oil
Proper peanut oil


Step 1
Prepare half a bowl of warm water at about 40 degrees,

Step 2
Add two tablespoons of yeast, about 5g,

Step 3
Stir well with chopsticks and let it dissolve slowly,

Step 4
Prepare two small pots of flour and pour it into a large soup pot,

Step 5
Two small pots of flour is a kilo, add 5 tablespoons of sugar,

Step 6
Dig a fist sized hole in the middle,

Step 7
Add boiled yeast powder water

Step 8
Stir with chopsticks and a little water,

Step 9
It's flocculent

Step 10
Now you don't need chopsticks, knead the circle with your hands, dig a shallow nest in the middle, and add a little water

Step 11
Rub repeatedly, dig a small nest, and then add water, which is less than the water just now

Step 12
Knead again, dig a small nest and add water, which is less than the second time

Step 13
The above times of adding water and kneading are three times

Step 14
Hand, face, basin,

Step 15
Cover the lid, ferment for an hour, put sugar, ferment quickly

Step 16
Prepare ingredients

Step 17
Auxiliary material preparation

Step 18
Stuffing: picture of braised pork with dried plum vegetables, which has been refrigerated

Step 19

Step 20
Cut the braised meat to the minimum and put it into a large bowl

Step 21
Cut green pepper into small pieces and set aside

Step 22
Separate the egg yolk with a separator. You need two yolks,

Step 23
Add two egg yolks into the stuffing and pour all the string peppers down

Step 24
Add a little soy sauce

Step 25
Add a little salt

Step 26
Add a little oyster sauce

Step 27
Stir clockwise with chopsticks

Step 28
Add two tablespoons of glutinous rice flour

Step 29
Keep stirring. It looks good

Step 30
Glutinous rice flour adds fragrance. Add a little sesame oil to make it more fragrant.

Step 31
The dough has been fermented

Step 32
Sprinkle with dry flour and don't stick your hands when kneading

Step 33
After kneading, dig a hole in the middle, which should go through the bottom,

Step 34
Cut off and knead long strips, and make preparations of different sizes

Step 35
Press flat with your palm, and stick a little flour on both sides to prevent sticking to the quick cutting board at one time

Step 36
The bottle should be used as a rolling pin. Don't be too thin

Step 37
Cut half of the dough

Step 38
Sprinkle more or less stuffing. Put as much stuffing as you plan

Step 39
Roll from scratch

Step 40
Roll to the middle and have another picture

Step 41
All the way to the end

Step 42
Squeeze firmly with your thumb and index finger

Step 43
Add water to the steamer, put on the steamer, and grease the bottom of the flower roll

Step 44
Put the flower roll on the steam sheet and continue to wrap the next one

Step 45
Put four on the first floor and three on the second floor. Close the lid

Step 46
Let them wake up for twenty minutes,

Step 47
When you wake up, steam over high heat

Step 48
When you're breathing, turn to low heat and steam for another 20 minutes

Step 49
It's twenty minutes. Turn off the fire, don't open the lid, and simmer for five minutes,

Step 50
Now you can open the lid and see that the top layer is so big and white.