Plum dish is a traditional Hakka specialty. It is golden in color, fragrant, sweet and refreshing. It is neither cold nor dry, neither wet nor hot. It is said to be a “healthy” dish and has a long reputation. It is said that it is known as the three treasures of Hakka together with salt baked chicken and stuffed tofu.


400g pork tendon
300g homemade plum vegetables
1 clove garlic
Some Lycium barbarum
1 ginger
15 ml oil


Step 1
Prepare materials

Step 2
Put the pork tendon and ginger into the pot with proper amount of water and blanch the blood together

Step 3
Then remove the meat tendon, pour the water in the pot, wash the pot, pour an appropriate amount of oil into the pot, and fry the meat tendon until both sides are golden

Step 4
Cut pork ribs into long strips, add minced garlic and raw soy sauce

Step 5
Stir to make it mixed evenly

Step 6
Then put the meat tendons neatly in a bowl

Step 7
Put the chopped plum vegetables into a bowl, and then seal the mouth of the bowl with plastic wrap

Step 8
Use a toothpick to make several holes in the preservative film, pour an appropriate amount of water into the pot, put it into the steaming rack, cover the pot, steam it over high heat, turn it to low heat for 20 minutes, and finally 5 put it in a few medlar and steam it together

Step 9
After steaming, take a plate and turn it upside down

Step 10
Sprinkle Lycium barbarum in after bucking