Before, I cooked a pot of braised meat with mushrooms, and there were still some wood left. Of course, there was a lot of soup left. Then add a tomato and cook a bowl of noodles to eat. It’s healthy and nutritious. It’s easy to finish a meal.


400g alkali water surface
2 tomatoes
1 lettuce
200g braised pork
Proper broth


Step 1
Put the dough into the boiling water pot and boil until it boils

Step 2
Wash the noodles and drain

Step 3
Cut tomatoes into pieces and stir fry

Step 4
Stir fry until the tomatoes are soft, add cooking wine and salt to taste

Step 5
Then add the remaining mushrooms, braised meat and broth and continue to boil

Step 6
Add lettuce

Step 7
Add the previously drained noodles

Step 8
Cook until the dough is completely cooked

Step 9
Season with soy sauce and salt

Step 10
Finally boil

Step 11
The cooked noodles will be ready to eat right away