Braised pork is a famous traditional Chinese dish, which can be made in eight major cuisines; It tastes fat but not greasy, soft, waxy and sweet. A bowl of rice with a piece of braised meat full of aroma can be regarded as a good bowl of rice. Today, I made a braised meat with rice cooker. It has attractive color and pure taste. It is worth recommending.


600g streaky pork
1 green onion
1 ginger
1 small packet of spices (see menu for details)
60ml cooking wine
80ml raw and old (2:1)
7 g salt
1 handful of rock sugar
Proper amount of water


Step 1
Prepare ingredients:

Step 2
Blanch the streaky pork, remove, wash and control the water for standby.

Step 3
Fried sugar. Pour a little oil into the pot and cool the oil into rock sugar. The rock sugar melts gradually and the color changes from light to dark. When the small bubbles in the sugar color become large bubbles and the color becomes brownish red. In this process, keep stirring with a shovel to avoid pasting the pot.

Step 4
Pour the dried meat into the pot and stir fry evenly.

Step 5
Put scallions and ginger slices into the inner liner of the rice cooker.

Step 6
Pour in the sugar colored meat pieces.

Step 7
Put the spice wrapped in gauze into the bag.

Step 8
Pour in cooking wine and soy sauce. At this time, add water according to the liquid situation. The total amount of water is almost flush with the meat, and the amount of water should not be too much.

Step 9
Start the "cooking" function of Midea's original ah pot, and select "fine cooking" and "fragrant waxy".

Step 10
After a procedure, add salt and two small pieces of rock sugar, turn over the meat in the pot to make it color evenly. After mixing, start the "cooking" function again and select "fine cooking" and "fragrant waxy". After the program, stick the meat with chopsticks, which is very easy to be pierced through, and the taste of q-bomb. If you like the soft waxy taste, you can increase the duration according to your preference.