Braised meat is made of simple materials. It depends on the heat and experience. There is a certain know-how to cook it well. I remember when I first got married, I made braised meat for my husband. It was burnt outside, and it was very greasy. The lean meat part was a little firewood. In short, there was no feeling of instant melting at the entrance, thin but not firewood. Later, I did more and gradually gained experience. Now as long as we say that we should cook braised pork, my husband will consciously stew two bowls of rice.


500g streaky pork
3 slices of ginger
3-segment scallion
15 pepper
3 garlic
35g rock sugar
3 g salt
15ml soy sauce
30ml raw extract
10ml vinegar
10g honey
10 ml Baijiu


Step 1
Cut streaky pork with skin into four cubes of your customary size, wash and drain. Be sure to buy streaky pork with skin, not too fat. The meat that is slightly thin and divided into five layers is the best.

Step 2
Prepare spices. Put whatever you have at home. I usually only put some pepper. If there are fragrant leaves, you can also put them. It is not recommended to put too strong spices, such as cinnamon. Onion, ginger and garlic are essential. Red pepper will enhance the taste, but it will not be spicy.

Step 3
Put a little oil in the frying pan and add spices to fry the flavor. It doesn't need too much oil. This dish basically depends on the oil of the meat itself.

Step 4
Then put in the minced pork, continue to stir fry until the surface changes color, and then put it out for use. Stir fry for about 1 minute.

Step 5
There is no need to start another pot. Put rock sugar into the original pot and add a little oil depending on the situation. I didn't add it, because after frying the pot meat, some oil will be precipitated, which is enough to fry the sugar color. After the sugar dissolves, keep stirring. Just when it is slightly amber. Don't fry it.

Step 6
Put in the fried meat and stir fry it, so that all the sugar color is wrapped on the meat. A little sugar will stick to the shovel. It doesn't matter. It will come down as soon as it is boiled later.

Step 7
Add soy sauce, soy sauce and 1 scoops of Baijiu, about 10 milliliters, continue to stir fry. Personally, I don't love the smell of cooking wine, so I put Baijiu on it. You can also add a little vinegar. Don't worry. Vinegar and wine will evaporate during the stew, leaving only delicious.

Step 8
Add enough boiling water. If the meat has not been cooked, boil it over high fire. Skim the floating foam on the surface. The sugar just stuck to the shovel will melt in the soup during the cooking process.

Step 9
Transfer to casserole and simmer over medium low heat for 1 hour. Don't open the lid during this period. I like casserole because it has good sealing effect and the meat will be softer and rotten.

Step 10
Open the lid, add 1 tablespoon of salt and simmer for another half an hour.

Step 11
Add about 10 grams of honey and collect the juice over a high fire. Look at this pot of sticky and attractive braised meat. It's attractive.