I wonder if many people like me, the colder the weather, the more they want to eat meat, so braised meat has to appear on my table from time to time. The eldest daughter Duoduo is the best meat eater in my family. I can’t eat much meat in kindergarten, so I have to make some at home for the sake of the growth and development of the little girl.


450g streaky pork
Appropriate amount of garlic
3-segment scallion
5 ginger slices
1 star anise
1 tablespoon salt
1 tsp edible oil
2 tablespoons rice wine
Proper amount of rock sugar
Proper amount of water
2 tbsp raw soy sauce


Step 1
Prepare pork with suitable fat and lean. I bought it from Jingdong fresh food. A box of 450g is just enough for a meal. I placed an order on the evening of the 5th and delivered it early in the morning of the 6th

Step 2
The streaky pork is cut into 2cm square pieces. It's too small to eat. It must be a little bigger. The meat pieces here have been cut. After taking them out, just disconnect the skin. It's convenient

Step 3
Prepare ginger slices, scallions, garlic and star anise

Step 4
Put water in the pot, wash the meat, put it in a cold water pot, heat it and bring it to a boil

Step 5
Remove the foam after boiling. The meat is very clean and has little foam. It's OK to stew directly, but you can remove some oil after cooking

Step 6
Boil for two minutes and drain

Step 7
Do not stick to the pot, heat it, change the medium and small fire, put the meat in, put ginger slices and star anise, and stir fry the oil together

Step 8
The fat in the streaky pork was fried out, and the surface of the meat was fried yellow

Step 9
Take it out with chopsticks and set it aside

Step 10
Start another pot. Because I wanted to stew longer, I used a cast iron pot. Put a small spoonful of oil and a large spoonful of water in the pot, and put rock sugar in it to melt over a low heat

Step 11
After the rock sugar is completely melted, boil it for a while, and observe that the color becomes caramel

Step 12
Put the meat pieces in and stir fry evenly so that each meat piece is coated with sugar

Step 13
Add hot water, put the water into the meat, put the remaining ginger slices and scallions, boil over high heat, add soy sauce and yellow rice wine, an appropriate amount of salt, and stew over medium and low heat

Step 14
Cover the pot and simmer over medium low heat for about 45 minutes

Step 15
When the water volume is halved, add garlic cloves. My children prefer to eat garlic cloves in braised meat, so I add some every time. The garlic cloves stewed in braised meat are also very delicious

Step 16
When the last soup is less and less, turn it frequently with a shovel

Step 17
Wrap each piece of meat in the soup and finish the juice collection

Step 18
At the same time, boil water in a soup pot, add some salt and fresh chicken juice to the water, scald the small rape, remove the drain and lay it at the bottom of the plate

Step 19
The delicious braised meat can be served. This dish is just right

Step 20
With a bowl of rice, there are meat and vegetables. It's fun to eat aloneļ¼ˆ When I took this picture, the garlic cloves on it had been taken away by my naughty daughter.

Step 21
Fat but not greasy. The fat in the meat is stir fried. After a long time of slow stewing over a small fire, it melts in the mouth and is slightly sweet. My children especially like this taste. I always say that the braised meat made by my mother is the best.