Braised meat can be said to be the representative of Chinese meat dishes, reflecting the strong culinary culture of Chinese cuisine. There are differences between North and South cuisines and between East and West, but it seems that the shadow of braised meat can be seen everywhere. The most famous ones are Jiangsu and Zhejiang Dongpo meat, Hunan Maoshi roast meat, Shanghai Benbang roast meat, Yuanbao meat, Lu style braised meat and so on. Today, thousands of kinds of braised meat in millions of families have become the taste of home in many people’s memory.


750g pork
2 mushrooms
50g winter bamboo shoots
40 ml soy sauce
10 g rock sugar
6 g salt
2 pieces of scallion
2 slices of ginger
10 Chinese prickly ash
2 star anise
20 ml cooking wine
1 small piece of cinnamon
800 ml of water


Step 1
There are two kinds of seasonings

Step 2
Cut the pork into 3 cm chunks, put them in a pot, add cold water to the pork, bring to a boil, blanch for 3 minutes, remove and wash;

Step 3
Put the processed pork, excipients and other condiments except liquid condiments into the pot. Finally, take out the special water cup and add 800ml water (4 cups, including soy sauce, cooking wine and other liquid condiments);

Step 4
After the pot is installed, cover the pot and start the function of "braised pork". It can be done automatically in about 50-80 minutes;

Step 5
After cooking, pick out the seasonings such as scallion, ginger and so on. If you see too much oil slick, you must patiently skim off the oil slick on the soup with a small spoon, so that the soup can be completely wrapped in the meat;