The practice of the older generation has been improved at home. I hope you can like it!


700g streaky pork
1 handful of rock sugar
2 slices of ginger
3-stage scallion
About 10 pepper
1 tbsp sweet noodle sauce
2 tbsp raw soy sauce
Proper amount of salt
2 bulks
1 tbsp cooking wine
2 cloves garlic
A little thirteen incense
vegetable oil


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients

Step 2
Wash streaky pork and cut into small pieces

Step 3
Blanch the pot in cold water. Skim off the foam after boiling

Step 4
Remove the meat to the filter basin, control the water, and throw away the boiled water

Step 5
Put oil into the pot, add rock sugar and stir fry sugar color. Melt over medium heat and stir fry over low heat. Color bubbles, immediately pour in five flowers

Step 6
Stir fry the streaky pork

Step 7
Add boiling water, the amount of water is flush with the meat, bring to a boil over high heat, and cook without cover for 2 minutes

Step 8
Pour the meat and soup into the pressure cooker, add ginger, green onions, seasoning, cooking wine and soy sauce, and transfer the meat into the pressure cooker

Step 9
Put a little oil into the pot to make garlic. The garlic is dark yellow

Step 10
After the meat is pressed, pour the soup into the pan with garlic oil

Step 11
Add salt and thirteen spices

Step 12
The soup seldom becomes clear. You can turn off the fire and get out of the pot.