Youma always has some hindsight, or procrastination. It’s been so long since the tip of the tongue 2 “home style” that I think of making braised meat. Braised pork really represents the home cooking of millions of families in the south. I think of the most popular dish my mother took, that is, braised pork. As her specialty, the family often miss it and have to come to such a meal from time to time.


500g streaky pork
1 tablespoon cooking wine
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
A little shallot
2 tablespoons sugar
1 small piece of ginger


Step 1
My mother's practice of buying meat is not blanching, but washing it again and again with hot water, scraping off the residual pig hair on the pig skin, and choosing the more layers when buying meat, the better

Step 2
Cut the streaky pork into thick slices of about 1.5cm. You can be thicker, but you can't be too thin. Otherwise, there will be too much water loss, and the meat will easily lose its soft and waxy taste after it is cooked

Step 3
When the electric frying pan is heated, the pork is placed neatly one by one. We should use the frying method to make the pork golden on the surface and lock the water in it at the same time

Step 4
One side is fried until it is slightly yellow and then turned over. Another advantage of this is that it can fry part of the fat to minimize the oil in the braised meat. After the meat is fried, it should be immediately poured into the frying pan. It can't be used again when it is cool

Step 5
Pour one tablespoon of vegetable oil into the frying pan and two tablespoons of sugar. Start frying the sugar color over medium heat. Don't worry about the burden of oil. These oil will be removed later

Step 6
Stir fry the sugar until it melts, turn it into golden yellow, then the surface starts to float. This means that the sugar is fry, the next step must be fast, and more than one second will cause the sugar to burn and become bitter. It will be too late to leave the fire for a few seconds.

Step 7
After the sugar color is fried, pour in the fried meat and stir fry it quickly and evenly, so that each piece of meat is coated with color

Step 8
Wash and slice the ginger, put it into the pot and stir fry it together

Step 9
Cook cooking wine along the edge of the pot, cover the pot and simmer for about 30 seconds, and then open the cover. In my mother's words, let the meat absorb the aroma of the wine

Step 10
Pour boiling water along the edge of the pot

Step 11
Finally, the amount of water is 3 / 4 of that of meat. After the water boils, cover the pot and simmer slowly over a low heat for an hour

Step 12
When only half of the broth is left, the meat is almost 8 minutes cooked. At this time, the oil in the meat is stewed. Here we have a very important step to do, that is, scoop out the layer of oil floating on the broth. I scooped out more than 100 grams, more than half a small bowl. After scooping out the oil, add salt to continue the stew, The oil scooped out here is used to fry other dishes. It's very delicious. Don't waste it

Step 13
I forgot to shoot the last step of juice collection. When only 1 / 3 of the soup in the meat is left, turn the fire and turn the meat while weighing the pot. With the evaporation of water, the color of the meat will become more and more beautiful. Because of the action of sugar, the surface will have a sense of viscosity. It's best not to use a spatula in this step, otherwise the meat skin will be damaged accidentally, After the braised meat comes out of the pot, you can decorate it with a little scallion