Stew the pig’s hoof until Q plays soft waxy, then take it out, add soy sauce, rock sugar, stew and dry the juice. The taste and taste are really delicious. The soybeans and peanuts inside are also soft soft soft waxy. Eat the pig’s hoof in one breath and pick up peanuts and soybeans one by one. It’s fun ~!


A pig's hoof
Small bowl of peanuts
Small bowl of soybeans
1 tablespoon salt
2 tablespoons soy sauce
2 rock candy


Step 1
Peanuts and soybeans are soaked overnight in advance. Refrigerate in summer

Step 2
Cut the pig's hoof into pieces, blanch it and transfer it to the stew pot

Step 3
Add enough water to the pot, pat a piece of ginger, put it into the stew pot, and stew the soybeans and peanuts

Step 4
After stewing for about an hour, the pig's feet are soft and waxy. You can easily insert them with chopsticks. Transfer the pig's feet together with soup, soybeans and peanuts to an iron pot or casserole. (don't have too much soup, just without ingredients)

Step 5
Add soy sauce, rock sugar and salt

Step 6
Cover and simmer until the juice dries