Cantonese dishes are not always available in restaurants.


1000g pig hand
500g lotus root
3 oyster sauce
A handful of peanuts
1 small piece of ginger
Three cloves of garlic
1 onion
3 pieces of nanru
200 ml water
30 ml South milk
35g granulated sugar
20G soy sauce
10 grams old style
30 ml oil
20 ml wine


Step 1
Prepare ginger, onion and garlic

Step 2
Cut lotus root into pieces

Step 3
Soak peanuts in oyster sauce for 1 hour

Step 4
Mash 3 pieces of nanru for later use

Step 5
Pig hand first fly water, while hot daub old sauce coloring. I'm heavy handed this time. I've painted too much and the color is dark.

Step 6
In the pressure cooker into the amount of oil, stir onion ginger garlic

Step 7
Put in all the ingredients, add water to level with the ingredients, and simmer for 30 minutes. Adjust the time according to personal taste. Take the juice in the middle of the fire.

Step 8
I didn't make a good production. I'll make it up next time.