After eating octopus on the roadside once, I was deeply impressed by the taste. Small balls are full of fun in the production process and full of sense of achievement after completion.


12 Octopus
200g water
Appropriate amount of wood fish flower
Moderate salad
Appropriate amount of chopped seaweed
Appropriate amount of sweet noodle sauce
100g Octopus powder


Step 1
Beat an egg in a bowl and stir well

Step 2
In another bowl, add a little soy sauce, salt and sugar, and then add an appropriate amount of water

Step 3
Add the egg liquid into the mixed water and stir well

Step 4
Sift the octopus powder with a sieve, add it to the mixed water and mix well

Step 5
Start the pot, brush a layer of oil, then pour in the flour paste, cover the whole mold, then add Octopus particles in the groove and sprinkle a little scallion

Step 6
When it's almost time, brush a layer of oil on the surface and continue frying for a while until the surface is a little burnt yellow

Step 7
Plate and brush with sauce

Step 8
Add a little salad

Step 9
Sprinkle some kelp debris

Step 10
Finally, add some wood fish flowers and you're done