I bought a bottle of Sha Cha sauce when I was cooking meat rice. Recently, I thought about how to use it to make something else. Otherwise, I should leave it in the corner and ignore it. It’s better to make full use of it and turn it into delicious food. Besides, I can also change the style of eating. It’s really boring to eat those things every day, which makes people lose their passion for life.


200g noodles
1 bundle of cabbage
1 carrot
1 onion
300g beef


Step 1
Wash and cut the cabbage, peel the carrot, clean and shred the onion

Step 2
Slice the beef and set aside

Step 3
Take a container and put some soup (about 200ml) in it. If there is no soup, use water

Step 4
Put proper amount of soy sauce, pepper, sugar, Shacha sauce and steak sauce into the soup, and stir them well

Step 5
Put the sliced beef into a non stick pan and fry it. At the same time, add appropriate amount of garlic and pepper (I don't eat spicy, so I don't put them) until both sides of the sliced beef change color

Step 6
Pour the fried beef slices and the soup into the sauce

Step 7
Put the noodles and other ingredients into the electric rice cooker, add the right amount of salt to taste, and stir them evenly with chopsticks

Step 8
Plug in the electric cooker, cook and simmer for 15-20 minutes. After the noodles are stewed, stir them with chopsticks and they can be served