I especially like to eat rice with potato mutton ~ potato chicken ~ potato beef ~ in short, potatoes ~ fried chicken


A large piece of mutton
Two potatoes
Proper amount of salt
Proper amount of thirteen incense
Proper soy sauce
Three slices of ginger
1 dry pepper
2 fennel


Step 1
Wash the mutton and cut it into pieces

Step 2
Wash the potatoes and slice them

Step 3
Dried pepper, fennel and ginger slices are ready and set aside

Step 4
Add oil to the hot pot until it is 80% hot, add ginger slices, dry pepper, etc., wait for one minute, add mutton, stir fry, and add appropriate salt.

Step 5
Stir fry mutton for about 30 minutes, add soy sauce, stir fry, then add potatoes, stir fry for one minute, add hot water over potatoes and mutton, and cover. About ten minutes, add an appropriate amount of salt, simmer for another two minutes, and then out of the pot.