Usually do not burn pork to eat, there is too much fat, generally eat fish, chicken and shrimp, but today’s husband’s birthday, it is specified to eat braised meat, just burn it once! I love the braised meat I made. I say I haven’t eaten anything better than what I made in a restaurant outside!


1 Jin and a half pork
A piece of ginger
A little rock sugar
A bag of cooking wine
A little raw
A little old smoke
A little aged vinegar


Step 1
Boil the water first, put the soaked cut pork, and wait for the water to boil again for 3 minutes, turn off the fire, and do not cover the pot in the whole process (if you have time, cut the pork, soak it in clean water, remove the blood, change the water for several times, and skip if you don't have time.) Then remove the cold water and rinse the foam

Step 2
First put a little oil into the hot pot, put rock sugar and boil over low heat.

Step 3
When the sugar lumps are melted and the color is burnt yellow, put the boiled pork into the pot cover to prevent oil splashing (there is a small bubble on my hand today)

Step 4
Turn up the fire, dry stir fry the sugar color, wait for the color to be burnt yellow, you can add cooking wine, raw soy sauce, old soy sauce and aged vinegar

Step 5
Add boiled water, no pork, add ginger, cover, boiling water, minimize the fire slowly cook.

Step 6
I burned a small fire for two hours, and the soup was basically dry and tasted just right. It's very waxy. Even when the chopsticks are clamped up, they will tremble. It's gone when you sip it. (if you don't have enough time, open the soup over medium heat and dry it.)