Braised mackerel and Spanish mackerel in soy sauce


500g mackerel
3G salt
15 ml vinegar
10g ginger
10g garlic
15g bean paste
30 ml blended oil
15g onion
5ml Baijiu


Step 1
Remove the internal organs of mackerel and Spanish mackerel and wash them.

Step 2
Make a few cuts on each side of the fish.

Step 3
Mix the bean paste with water.

Step 4
Cut scallion into sections, ginger and abacus into slices.

Step 5
Heat oil in a pan and add mackerel and Spanish mackerel.

Step 6
Fry both sides.

Step 7
Add baijiu.

Step 8
Add bean paste, meijixian, vinegar, salt, water, onion, ginger and garlic, stir well, bring to a boil.

Step 9
Cover and simmer for 12 minutes.

Step 10
Turn on the fire again, stop the juice and turn off the fire.

Step 11
Sheng pan, a delicious sauce fried mackerel and Spanish mackerel is ready.